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What doe's Thermo Time stand for?

Thermo Time is a bureau which specializes in designing and installation of aluminum structures used in the construction industry.

The bureau has employed a number of constructors with several years’ experience in designingaluminum structures produced by renowned foreign and domestic manufacturers (Schuco, Wicona, Alumil, Profilati, Feal, Tehnomarket, Hueck Hartmann, Nissal...).

A modernly equipped bureau with a huge database is designed primarily to provide service to small and medium enterprises which manufacture and install aluminum structures without having economic justification for setting up their own construction bureau.

For architectural bureaus and investors we define input data for the gathering of offers submitted from contractors. First, we define their requests (The providers of system solutions, decisions, and applied glass in accordance with the construction physics details, schemes and quantities) towards contractors. By doing this, we ensure that all offers have the same requirements which will add quality to the project and the investor practically gets the best contractor without any additional complaints about quality, extra work to be done, and untimely executions of work due to project defects etc. Furthermore, the chances of a contractor implementing inappropriate solutions are reduced to minimal.

We also provide the investors with economic analysis – expenses and define conditions of public tenders. Supervision and expertise during the execution of works are also our responsibilities.


Project bureau Thermo Time consists of engineers with experience in the designing and making of technical-technological documents for manufacturers, architects, contractors and investors who make and

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Our expertise Accuracy concerning the making of technical-technological solutions Expeditious performance of the required tasks The making of good quality project documents taking into account modern

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Check out some of our projects in Serbia! Pogledajte nekoliko naših projekata iz Srbiji!

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Check out some of our projects from foreign countries! Pogledajte nekoliko naših projekata iz inostranstva!

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Designing and technical support in the installation of aluminum architectural systems produced by the renowned international and domestic manufacturers: Schuco, Wicona, Alumil, Reynaers, Hueck Hartmann, Profilati, Aluminco, Tehnomarket and Nissal. Ventilated facades such as Alucobond, Alubond, J-bond, ceramics and granite ceramics. Composite coverings Fundermax, Trespa and Formica. A wide range of profiles and technical solutions for your construction projects.

Your project is our new challenge.